Desert Springs
Hank Steinberg
Hank Steinberg & David Amann
Eriq La Salle
Original Airdate
February 18, 2007
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Jack and the team search for Jason Turner, a young water plant foreman who disappears hours after his life is threatened by Earl Dooley, a longtime employee who had become enraged when Jason laid him off. Asserting his innocence, Earl tells the agents that Jason gain many enemies during recent widespread layoffs at the plant. The squad also learns that Jason was trying to reconcile with his ex-fiancée,which leads them to wonder if he might have gotten between her and a new man in her life. Meanwhile, Elena continues to have custody problems with her daughter's father, Carlos , who is irate at discovering that his old friend Danny is involved with Elena.


Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Jsu Garcia as Carlos Aguilar
  • Ashlyn Sanchez as Sofie Delagado
  • Nathan Baesel as Jason Turner
  • Bryce Johnson as Nick Edberg
  • David DeLuise as Alex Brown
  • Brent Jennings as Earl Dooley
  • Allen Cutler as Eddie McCann
  • John Aylward as Bernard Fields