Hannah Malone

Hannah Malone 20

Hannah Malone
Jack Malone - Father

Maria Malone - Mother
Kate Malone - Sister
Frank Malone - Grandfather
Doris Malone - Grandmother

Unamed Malone - Uncle
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Hanna Malone is the eldest daughter of Jack Malone and Maria Malone (born in 1994). She's 16 in season 7 of Without A Trace.

She was 8 in season 1. She loves her parents but doesn't accept their divorce. She moved to Chicago with her mother and little sister Kate after the divorce. She comes back at age 16 because she got into trouble while in Chicago. According to Jack, she got caught smoking marijuana and has a boyfriend who is bad for her. She comes to live with her father in New York for a fresh start. They have a difficult relationship at first start, but they eventually accept each other after Jack helps Hannah for find her missing boyfriend Shay.