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Julia Martic
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Sadik Marku - ex-boyfriend
Petros Marku - son
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Julia Martic was the girlfriend of Sadik Marku and the mother of their son, Petros Marku.

Biography Edit

While married to Odeta Marku, Sadik began an affair with Julia which resulted, unintentionally, in the birth of a son named Petros. While Odeta was uncomfortable at first, she accepted the situation and befriended Julia. The two often had family gatherings while they lived apart, with Sadik moving between the two.

However, Julia disliked Sadik exposing their son to his shady businesses and opt to run away with Petros.

After Sadik left the house one night, Julia called Odeta for help and began packing her things in an attempt to flee, adding a gun to her stuff just for protection. When Petros said he couldn't find his shoes, Julia went to go look in the usual spot. A moment later, Petros shot himself by accident with the gun, much to Julia's horror.

She decided to stage a kidnap and trashed the house while Odeta arranged for Arti to fake a kidnap and drag Julia from her house. Petros was later buried in a park. However, Arti betrayed the two women and stole money Julia had received from Odeta. Julia was found, bruised and sexually assaulted, by the FBI who were searching for her and her son. After being placed in Protective Custody, she insisted on staying with Odeta while refusing to see Sadik.

FBI agent Jack Malone heavily suspected Sadik. When Julia and Odeta gave the police a message hinting that someone was keeping Petros, Jack and the FBI began interviewing a list of Sadik's gang members. They soon closed in on Frankie, who revealed he had sold passports to Odeta. When Odeta was interviewed, the FBI found her story inconsistent with Julia's, and Jack realized Julia was hiding something.

Jack took her back to her family home and kindly asked for Julia to tell the truth and tell them where her son was, whom he already suspected was dead.

Julia tearfully confessed, admitting it was an accident and she shouldn't have turned her back on Petros. She agreed to tell them where Petros was buried. Jack passed on the confession to Sadik, who mourned their lost child.