Odeta Marku

Dorina Calb

Odeta Marku
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Sadik Marku - husband
Petros Marku - stepson
Portrayed by
Tamara Gorski
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Odeta Marku is the wife of Mafia crime boss Sadik.

Biography Edit

Odeta married Sadik at an unspecified point. The two never had any children and Sadik began cheating on her with Julia. Things became complicated when Julia fell pregnant and gave birth to Sadik's only child, Petros Marku.

Although Odeta found the situation difficult to cope with, she was able to befriend Julia and get close to Petros. Eventually, Odeta realized how difficult life was for Julia who did not want to expose her son to Sadik's criminal organization, and the two made a plan to run away.

Unfortunately, Petros found Julia's handgun and shot himself with it by accident. Julia changed the plan and trashed the house in order to stage a kidnap. Odeta hired Arti to help "steal" Julia from her house along with Petros' body. Odeta then purchased two passports from Frankie in order to escape the country with Julia, but the plan was messed up when Arti betrayed them and stole money given to Julia. Odeta murdered him in retaliation.

The FBI began investigating in search of Julia and Petros. They discovered that Odeta had called Julia just one hour before the kidnap, and they questioned her. Odeta explained to them the unusual family dynamics and how this was the way things were, befriending your husband's lover. When Julia was found badly beaten, Julia insisted going to stay with Odeta. The FBI questioned them again and were told someone had sent Sadik a message, claiming to have Petros in their possession.

The FBI soon found Arti's body while searching among Sadik's gang members for the missing Petros. When Jack Malone interviewed Frankie Lamaj, the FBI learned the man had sold passports to Odeta. Odeta was brought into questioning and was accused of trying to flee the country with Petros. They threatened to put her in prison for "a very long time".

Odeta swore, however, that she would never hurt Petros nor Julia, and was only trying to help. Her story failed to add up to Julia's and Jack came to suspect Julia herself. Julia was driven to confess, and Petros' death was ultimately ruled an accident.