Sadik Marku

Sadik Marku

Sadik Marku
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Sadik Marku is the ring leader of a Mafia gang.


In "Requiem", three members of the Jordano family go missing and the FBI search for them. They learn that Ioannis "Johnny" Patani was a loan shark trying to get money back from them, and hits ended up getting put out. This included a boy who witnessed a murder. The FBI trace Johnny back to his boss, Sadik.

Jack Malone approaches the duo on suspicion that Sadik may know where the missing Jordanos are, though Sadik refuses to say anything even if he knew. When Jack accuses him of putting out the hits, Sadik brushes him off, noting how they're having this conversation due to a lack of evidence. He tells Jack that accidents happen and Jack is giving him too much credit.

After the case is solved without any obvious links to Sadik, Jack still confronts Sadik. Jack promises to get him in the end and Sadik promptly spits in his face. Jack retaliates by beating Sadik to the ground and ordering him at gun point to leave the Jordanos alone.

In "The Damage Done", Sadik's girlfriend and son go missing. Jack Malone is initially more concerned with settling an old score with Sadik, He puts Sadik in the interrogation room on false charges of gun possession so Sadik will answer questions, believing he won't say anything in front of his gang. Sadik tells Jack that he left the Jordanos alone and Jack shouldn't mess up the case by focusing on him, though Jack insists he is treating Sadik as he would any other person.

The FBI investigate Sadik's gang members and known enemies. Sadik swears he did nothing to his own son, but Jack isn't entirely convinced. When Sadik's girlfriend Julia shows up badly beaten, Julia refuses to see Sadik. Jack informs Sadik that his son is still with the kidnapper. When Sadik leaves the interrogation room, he hunts down prime suspects and one of them ends up in the hospital. Sadik is brought in again and questioned for any possible suspects.

Jack comes to suspect Frankie Lamaj, though Sadik is confident Frankie wouldn't betray him. Frankie is proven to have sold two passports to Sadik's wife Odeta, leading the FBI to suspect Odeta has her stepson Petros. However, the FBI find loopholes in Julia and Odeta's stories, and Jack realizes Julia is the culprit. Julia confesses that she was intending to leave Sadik with their son and packed a gun for protection. She looked away for a second and Petros accidentally shot himself. She staged the disappearance to cover up the crime.

Jack later goes to inform Sadik, insisting that his son's death was an accident. Accepting his son's fate, Sadik looks away and sheds tears in mourning.