Samantha Spade

Samantha Spade

Samantha 'Sam' Spade
FBI Agent
Field Agent
Missing Persons Unit
Finn Spade - Son

Emily Reynolds - Sister
Randy Heil - Nephew

Patricia Spade - Mother
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Samantha 'Sam' Spade is a Special Agent in the New York City FBI missing persons case squad led by Special Agent Jack Malone. She was raised in a poor, troubled home in the town of Kenosha, Wisconsin and as a result is particularly empathetic to kids in troubled situations. She was very unhappy as a teenager and tried to run away when she was sixteen, but was stopped by her mother and a policeman. For a short time while she was eighteen, Sam was married, but the marriage didn't last long. She has a son, whose father is Brian Donovan.

In 518, Sam's estranged older sister Emily visited. When Samantha was fourteen, she killed her mother Patricia's then-boyfriend with a shovel because she caught him sexually abusing Emily (519). They buried him in the woods next to the cabin and eventually grew distant from each other. Samantha learns that as a result of this abuse, Emily had a son, Randy, who now has cancer so she sought a bone marrow donor. Sam is not a match but her mother is a possibility.

Spade received her name because her mother was a fan of fictional detective Sam Spade and The Maltese Falcon, both created by Dashiell Hammett.