Season 5
No. of episodes 24
Original network CBS
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Season chronology

The fifth season of Without a Trace premiered September 24, 2006 on CBS and ended on May 10, 2007. There are 24 episodes in this season. This seasons includes the 100th episode. For the U.S. 2006–07 television season the fifth season of Without a Trace ranked 16th with an average of 14.7 million viewers and in the 18–49 demographic ranked 28th with a 4.1/11 Rating/Share.

The fifth season of Without a Trace has been released on November 27, 2012 in region 1 but was released in region 2 in Germany on July 17, 2009 on and in the UK on February 22, 2010. In region 4 the fifth season was released on July 1, 2009. However it was released on Amazon Video in early 2012.

Summary Edit

Anne miscarries and abruptly ends her relationship with Jack. Danny and Elena begin to date each other, while her ex-husband Carlos Aguilar (Jsu Garcia) sues for custody of their daughter Sofie (Ashlyn Sanchez), and later abducts her. More about Samantha's difficult past is revealed, including her strained relationships with her mother Patricia (Tess Harper) and older sister Emily (Molly Price). Jack is abducted and tortured by a psychotic woman, but initially appears to show few effects. At the end of the season, Carlos is freed, leaving the team worried about Elena's safety, and a serial kidnapper appears to be preying on young women.

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  • Nicholas D'Agosto as
  • Nathan Kress as

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Episode List Edit

  1. "Stolen"
  2. "Candy"
  3. "911"
  4. "All for One"
  5. "The Damage Done"
  6. "The Calm Before"
  7. "All the Sinners, Saints"
  8. "Win Today"
  9. "Watch Over Me"
  10. "The Thing With Feathers"
  11. "Fade-Away"
  12. "Tail Spin"
  1. "Eating Away"
  2. "Primed"
  3. "Desert Springs"
  4. "Without You"
  5. "Deep Water"
  6. "Connections"
  7. "At Rest"
  8. "Skin Deep"
  9. "Crash and Burn"
  10. "One and Only"
  11. "Two of Us"
  12. "The Beginning"