The seventh and final season of Without a Trace began airing on September 23, 2008 and ended on May 19, 2009. There are 24 episodes in this season. It was announced on the morning of the season finale, May 19, 2009, that CBS declined to renew the show for an eighth season.

For the 2008-09 U.S. television season the seventh season of Without a Trace ranked 18th with an average of 12.97 million viewers.



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Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers


137 1 "Closure" John Polson Jan Nash & Bruce Ramussen September 23, 2008 11.28[4]
Ryan Mitchell, whose daughter Lindsey went missing years ago, also goes missing, and the team tries to connect his desire to help another couple with a missing son with his disappearance. Jack is trying to adjust to his new boss, Clark Medina.
138 2 "22 x 42" Greg Walker Byron Balasco September 30, 2008 12.61[5]
Sara Kent, a rising executive, is abducted from a taxi after attending a rooftop party. The team also continues to learn to adjust to their new boss.
139 3 "Last Call" Karen Gaviola David Amann & Byron Balasco October 14, 2008 11.05[6]
Alan Reynolds, a white-collar criminal, goes missing on his way to testify against a former associate and the team must find out why.
140 4 "True/False" Martha Mitchell Diego Gutierrez October 21, 2008 11.63[7]
Will Duncan, the teenage son of a Secret Service agent, disappears and a long-festering secret that set a deadly chain of events in motion is discovered.
141 5 "Rise and Fall" Jonathan Kaplan David Amann October 28, 2008 12.19[8]
Martin is left on his own to solve the disappearance of Arianna Murphy, a victim's advocate from the scene of a double homicide, when Agent Medina diverts the rest of the team to investigate the abduction of a little girl from a mall.
142 6 "Live to Regret" John F. Showalter Gwendolyn M. Parker November 11, 2008 12.23[9]
Erin MacNeil, a bank manager, disappears and the team uncovers a dark secret during their investigations. Jack returns to his job as head of the department.
143 7 "Rewind" Karen Gaviola Bruce Ramussen November 18, 2008 11.85[10]
The squad discovers a shocking truth during an investigation of Chris Howe, a missing paraplegic recently injured in a car accident. The team also continues to adjust to normal with Jack back as the head of the department.
144 8 "Better Angels" Scott White Jan Nash & Greg Walker November 25, 2008 10.42[11]
The team's latest case sends Jack and Sam to Los Angeles in search for Robb Simms, a man who went missing after his employee's funeral. Investigations in New York and California reveal a coast-to-coast mystery. Jack and Sam rekindle their relationship.
145 9 "Push Comes to Shove" John F. Showalter Diego Gutierrez & Alicia Kirk December 2, 2008 12.32[12]
Doctor Erica Loza goes missing shortly after treating a patient and the team suspects a secret from her past is connected to her disappearance.
146 10 "Cloudy with a Chance of Gettysburg" Scott White Story by: Gwendolyn M. Parker & Amanda Segel Marks

Teleplay by: David Amann & Jan Nash

December 16, 2008 14.48[13]
TV weatherman, Ben Coleman arrives at work bleeding from his side and the team tries to beat the clock to find out what that has to do with his disappearance.
147 11 "Wanted" Marianne Jean-Baptiste Alicia Kirk January 6, 2009 13.13[14]
A case about Daphne Stevens, a missing teenager last seen with her bipolar mother, gets twisted when the team finds she has a secret life. Jack and Sam's relationship hits a bump.
148 12 "Believe Me" Paul McCrane Jan Nash & Bruce Rasmussen January 13, 2009 12.42[15]
The team searches for Ken Gilroy, a bar owner, who goes missing shortly after his statue of St. Theresa cries. Brian's visit to Sam takes a new turn.
149 13 "Once Lost" Martha Mitchell Story by: Diego Gutierrez & Roselyn Sanchez

Teleplay by: Diego Gutierrez & Jim Adler

January 27, 2009 12.76[16]
Elena is forced to face the consequences of her past as the team is put on the case to search for Bianca Gonzalez, Elena's former partner in the police force, who went missing during an undercover sting.
150 14 "Friends and Neighbors" John F. Showalter Amanda Segel Marks February 3, 2009 12.16[17]
The team searches for Julie Fisher and Cate Conelly. The two neighbours were abducted from their homes. The case twists and turns when the agents learn the identity of the kidnapper.
151 15 "Chameleon" Eric Close Byron Balasco February 10, 2009 14.31[18]
Jay Lester, a man faking his identity and posing as a college student, disappears and the team must decipher his secrets in order to find him.
152 16 "Skeletons" Nancy Van Doornewaard Story by: Diego Gutierrez & Gwendolyn M. Parker

Teleplay by: Diego Gutierrez & Bruce Rasmussen

February 17, 2009 12.10[19]
Kara Westfield and her son Hayden go missing from the local community centre after a fire alarm clears the building. The team tries to determine if any foul play is involved.
153 17 "Voir Dire" Jonathan Kaplan Alicia Kirk March 17, 2009 11.88[20]
Zack Porter, a trial consultant goes missing and the team narrows down the list of suspects as they investigate his disappearance. Martin has a dangerous encounter involving a juror on a trial with which the missing person was recently involved. Sam and Jack learn to deal with Brian spending more time with Finn.
154 18 "Daylight" Jeff T. Thomas Greg Walker & Jan Nash March 31, 2009 12.53[21]
Justin Morgan, a psychologist, goes missing right after stopping a woman from jumping off of a building. The team believes that something in the life of the psychologist's brother might have played a role in his disappearance. Martin's relationship with Kim takes a spicy turn.
155 19 "Heartbeats" Martha Mitchell Tom Donaghy April 7, 2009 12.15[22]
The suspect list keeps growing as the team investigates the disappearance of Lana Peters, a Russian matchmaker.
156 20 "Hard Landing" Michael Amundson David Rapp April 14, 2009 13.23[23]
Keith Anderson, a billionaire's son, disappears after crash landing a small plane in the woods. Kim Marcus returns and her relationship with Martin develops.
157 21 "Labyrinths" Jonathan Kaplan Diego Gutierrez & Gwendolyn M. Parker April 28, 2009 12.35[24]
Molly Samson, a journalist, goes missing. The team looks for her after her hardcore exposes are published in an online magazine. They begin to suspect a politician, the subject of one of her latest entries. Meanwhile, Brian remains in Sam and Finn's life.
158 22 "Devotion" John Polson Story byAnthony LaPaglia & Ryan Tavlin

Teleplay by: Byron Balasco & Bruce Ramussen

May 5, 2009 11.83[25]
17-year-old Stacey Tan, last seen on video being agitated by her abductor, goes missing and the team must do all they can to find her before it's too late.
159 23 "True" Eric Close Alicia Kirk & Jan Nash May 12, 2009 13.40[25]
Jack hesitates to assign the team to the case after Hannah's boyfriend, Shay Hanson (Kendall Schmidt) from Chicago disappears during his stay in New York.
160 24 "Undertow" Jeannot Szwarc David Amann & Greg Walker May 19, 2009 11.21[26]
After a late night dive, Derek Wilson disappears and the team tries to determine why. Danny and Elena prepare to make the next step in their relationship, their marriage.