Tara Patterson
Tara Patterson
16 years old
Season 3 episode 11
Stephanie Patterson - Mother

Rose Patterson - Daughter

Her father died 10 years ago from a cancer
Yes, alive.
Reasons of missing
Runaway for give birth to her daughter.
Played by

Tara Patterson is a teenage girl who went missing in episode 4.0 (season 3 episode 11) after refused to go to class because of a dentist appointment. The team later discovers that she is pregnant with a boy she met in a camp, Gavin, something she learn from Luke Jamison . She gave birth to a baby girl. She is a swimmer for her high school team and Jack Malone find her at the swimming pool of her high school with her young daughter. She decided to call her "Rose" and introduced her daughter to her mother, Stephanie Patterson.

She is friend with Nell Clausen, Maddy and Gwen