Vivian Johnson

Vivian Johnson

Vivian 'Viv' Johnson
FBI Agent
Assistant Supervisory Agent
Missing Persons Unit
Reggie Johnson (son)

Marcus Johnson (husband)

unnamed brother
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Special Agent Vivian 'Viv' Johnson is an FBI agent in the missing person unit team.

She had conflict with her boss Agent Jack Malone because she lost out on a promotion after Jack decided against transferring to the Chicago field office and asked for his old job back.

In the third season Vivian underwent open heart surgery. Vivian is married and is the mother of a teenage son named Reggie .

At work, she is shown to have a good friendship with Jack. In the last season Jack was shot and dumped.

When driving to get him he showed up in her car on the way to the dumping ground.

Vivian can speak French and has problems with her brother who works at the 43rd Precinct.

Vivian is Jack's right-hand man and is seen giving him advice and comfort during hard times.

Even though Jack often dismisses her caring nature she is always loyal and there for him. Vivian understands Jack the most out of all the agents and is often like him which leads to their bumping of heads.